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Too busy?? Think again!

20/11/2016 12:25:00

Alicia Johns

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"I'm too busy to do what you do Alicia. I have kids, a job, a house to look after. The thought of even starting a 'side project' just seems impossible....I just don't have the time".


Have you said this? Or have you had someone say it to you?  

We have all said something similar at some point in our life. Afterall we all lead extremely busy lives....especially when we are a mum.  The list of activities/chores just never ends.  Right?   Between school, afterschool activities, meal prep, homework, working and the 'can't miss' episodes of Riverdale on Netflix all as non-negotiable seems that we never have time for anything else...let alone to work a home based business.    


Let me share a secret with you:                                                                                         

 Busy people are usually the people who have the most success in Network Marketing.


It's true. Ifyou are reading this it means you are curious about the network marketing industry. You may have had a passing thought about what it would be like to run an empire from your phone and be a kick-ass entrepreneur. However...then reality kicks back in and you dismiss the idea.

I'm going to help you out by sharing some strategies, thoughts or ideas that have helped me to establish my career in the industry as a busy mum of 3.


1. Think of the connections you are making each day

When you are busy you generally interact with more people.  Think of all the other mums you have who are doing exactly what you do. For instance, every Wednesday afternoon I sit at the Gymnastics center for an hour and half while my 2 girls do their thing and I try to entertain a toddler. (This is not fun!!!) But during this time I have managed to make friends with some really awesome mums who are just hanging around with nothing better to do.  I love making new friends and they love making a new friend that isn't on Facebook. 

The network marketing industry is all about building connections and relationships. If you are busy at various kids activities you are so lucky as you have the opportunity to meet other like minded mums. Mums who are probably in a situation similar to yours. Mums who may actually need an extra income and you could be the person to help them. maybe you work full time.  Even better, so getting out and meeting others isn't quite as easy.  So this is where Social Media comes into play.


2. Harness your Social Media Powers

How many hours a day do you spend mindlessly scrolling Facebook, Instagram or sending random snapchats to your girlfriends? Probably too many!! LOL.   Guess what....that is time that you could use to grow a business. Afterall...most of your family/friends/connections are on social media., right? So why not use your 'social media' time to grow those relationships and find a way that you can help others.  Social Media is so powerful in this industry. It is the main tool I have used to grow my business over the past 2.5 years.  In fact I have girl on my team who live all over the world!!!  

Not super savvy on social media? That is ok...there is a stack of training out there that will help you to avoid being that spammy crazy person!!


3. What is more important to you?

 More often than not we use the excuse of being busy as a way to avoid something that scares us.  I know that for me, this industry was mighty scary. I had zero clue on what I was doing or how I would grow a successful business when I had 3 kids and a busy life.  BUT what I did know is that something had to change.    You may need an extra income, or your income may be awesome but you are finding that you are missing out on time with your little ones because of work. Whatever your need to find out what motivates you and if the Network Marketing opportunity you are looking at will help you to achieve your goals.   This is the number one reason why I started- I need the $$ but I didn't want to leave the kids in daycare 5 days a week.  So this industry allowed me to create an income,  have 'adult conversations' and help me to escape the identity of being 'just a mum'. 

IN conclusion the only thing that really stops anyone from leaping into the success that network marketing can themselves.   The excuses you create aren't going to help you to achive your goals.  Take the time to evaluate what is important to you and to figure out how you can fit a potential network marketing career into your schedule.

"Don't be afraid to start over. Its a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want". 


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Until next time


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